01 JULY 2021 - 15 OCTOBER 2021


X Galaxy

X Galaxy (2021) – price upon request

Oil on Canvas

189 x 329 cm

Alpha Galaxy

Alpha Galaxy (2021) – EUR 25'000

Oil on Canvas

158 x 118 cm


Regenesis (2021) – EUR 60'000

Oil on Canvas

200 x 150 cm


Nucleus (2021) – EUR 60'000

Oil on Canvas

200 x 150 cm

The Dark Side of the Moon (2021) – EUR 60'000

Oil on Canvas

150 x 200 cm

Man of the Red Planet

Man of the Red Planet (2021) – EUR 30'000

Oil on Canvas

140 x 160 cm

Rebirth of the Dogon

Rebirth of the Dogon (2021) – EUR 25'000

Oil on Canvas

160 x 120 cm


Academia (2021) – EUR 30'000

Oil on Canvas

160 x 140 cm


Citizens (2021) – EUR 20'000

Oil on Canvas

150 x 120 cm


Medici (2021) – EUR 30'000

Oil on Canvas

160 x 120 cm


Fusion (2021) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

33 x 24 cm

Intrusions of the Night

Intrusions of the Night (2021) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

38 x 27 cm


Expectation (2021) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

38 x 27 cm


Elements (2021) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

41 x 31 cm


Together (2021) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

33 x 24 cm


Oceania (2021) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

38 x 27cm

Red Goddess

Red Goddess (2020) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

38 x 27 cm


Transparencies (2020) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

33 x 24 cm

Shadows of Old Egypt

Shadows of Old Egypt (2020) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

38 x 27 cm


Radiation (2021) – EUR 5'500

Oil on Paper

33 x 24 cm




A lawyer turned journalist, Kiro Urdin studied art and cinema in Paris in the seventies and has been painting since 1985. He is known for his energetic paintings which have been exhibited worldwide since 1986 in cities like Paris, Yokohama, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm and Bratislava. During the same period, in 1988, Kiro went to New York and Hollywood to pursue his film ambitions. There he directed four films, and he keeps on directing documentaries and experimental films today.

In 1996 Kiro embarked on an epic journey around the world to create the first painting to be worked on all over the world. His idea was to incorporate a piece from every place he visited, thus symbolically bringing the world together in one undivided unity. It took him two years and over thirty locations, from big urban cities to ancient world sites: the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and the Tomb of Jesus Christ, New York, The Berlin Wall, Ohrid, Brussels, Knokke-Zoute, Bruges, Paris, Rome, Pompeii, Pisa, the Suez Canal, London, Stonehenge, Athens, the Nile, the Great Pyramids in Giza, Kenya, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Bangkok, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, Tokyo, Kamakura, Mont Saint-Michel, and Eindhoven.

The result of Kiro’s two-year journey is a 48 square meter oil painting entitled Planetarium.

A Macedonian film crew was hired to document the effort. Planetarium. the documentary film was subsequently released. Directed by Ivan Mitevski, it won Best Documentary at the New York International Independent Film and Documentary Festival in 2005. A monograph with photos taken during the two-year trip by Marin Dimevski was released simultaneously to the movie. Today the painting is exhibited at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava.

Planetarium Dance is collaboration project between Kiro Urdin and Toronto-based choreographer Debbie Wilson. On seeing the film, Debbie approached Kiro and proposed to expand the Planetarium experience through a new medium - dance. Macedonian composer Venko Serafimov was called onboard to compose the music for the dance. The ballet features eight dancers from Wilson’s own troupe, a local Toronto contemporary dance company, and seven from the classically trained Macedonian National Theatre. Planetarium Dance premiered at the Toronto Dance Theater (Canada), and since has been performed in Ohrid, Heraclea, Skopje, Chicago, Ankara, and during the commemoration of the United Nations 60th Anniversary in Geneva (Switzerland).

Urdin’s work has evolved beyond traditional media like film and paintings to include dance, sculpture, literature, photography, philosophy and design. He has published over 15 books, some with his thousands of aphorisms, and one book of poetry entitled Novel, from which his poem Light was selected for the Pushkin Festival in Moscow.

Working from Belgium, Macedonia and the U.S.A., Kiro Urdin is vibrantly driven in his efforts by one unifying philosophy: to bridge different cultures together, and to bring all art forms into one. Or as he defines the slogan of the Planetarism movement which he founded:

                                “One Point everywhere, everything in one point. One Art everywhere, everything in one Art.”

Selected Exhibitions


Solo exhibitions  


2021      Kloser Contemporary Art, Online

2021      MM Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2020     MM Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2019      Kloser Contemporary Art, Online

2018      Ningbo Museum, Ningbo, China

2018      Robert Kidd Gallery, Detroit, USA

2017      MM Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2016      Tom D. Jones Gallery, Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium

2016      Louise Gallery, Durbuy, Belgium

2015      MM Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2014      Ningbo Museum, Ningbo, China

2013      Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia

2012      Danubiana Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009     National Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany

2009     Galerie Frédéric Moisan, Paris, France

2008     Represented Macedonia at the Festival de la Francophonie, Moscow, Russia

2007     Galerie Paris, Yokohama, Japan

2005     Restrospective at the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts, Skopje, Macedonia

2004     Gallery Kamil, Monte Carlo, Monaco

2003      Gallerie Anouck Vilain, Belgium

2002      Guy Pieters Gallery, Saint-Paul de Vence, France

2000      Danubiana Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia

1999      Gallery Kamil, Aspen, USA

1998      Gallery Kamil, Monte Carlo, Monaco

1998      Galerie Frank, Paris, France

1996      Miura Museum, Hokkaido, Japan

1996      Galeria Urania, Ohrid, Macedonia

1995      Gallery Arthur Danziger, NYC, USA

1995      Museum Yuyu Yang, Taipei, Taiwan

1994      Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia

1994      Hirol Gallery, Matsuyama, Japan

1993      Gallery One, NYC, USA

1993      Tamya Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

1993      Galerie G., Helsingborg, Sweden

1993      SCAG, Copenhagen, Denmark

1991      Royal Ginza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1990      Timsit International Galleries, San Juan, Puerto Rico

1990      Robinsons Gallery, Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium

1989      Galerie Corinne Timsit, Paris, France

1989      Gummesons Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

1989      Catherine van Notten Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

1988      Warner Gallery, LA, USA

1988      I.A.C. Fine Art, Beverly Hills, LA, USA

1988      Schloss Gallery, Tirol, Austria

1988      Printemps Gallery, Mastuyama, Japan

1987      Paris Gallery, Yokohama, Japan

1987      Melys Gallery, NYC, USA

1986      Galerie Messara, Paris, France

1984      Hotel Presidente, Acapulco, Mexico


Group exhibitions 

2015      Ningbo Museum, China                                                                              

2014      Mouche Gallery, LA, USA

2003     DARC, Roma, Italy

2003     UNESCO, Paris, France

2000     Museum Jan van der Togt, Netherlands

1999      Fondation Epicur, Madrid, Spain

1997      Riverside Studios, London, UK

1996      Yayoyi Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

1993      Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

1992      Art Miami, Florida, USA

1991       Tokyo Art Expo, Tokyo, Japan

1989      Museum of Modern Art, Liege, Belgium

1986      Espace Delpha Art Contemporain, Paris, France



Public Collections

Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

National Gallery, Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia

Contemporary Art Museum, Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia

Ningbo Museum, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China


2016      Life and Death, HD, 56 min

2012      Steps, HD, 15 min

2011       Two Times, HD, 44 min

2008     Water and Fire, HD, 59 min

2007     Dogs and Trains, HD, 34 min

2004     Debbie Wilson and Planetarium, 16mm, 35 min

2002     Dogona, 16mm, 26 min

1998      Planetarium, 35mm, 57 min

1998      L’Art de Kiro Urdin, 16 mm, 20 min

1994      I love you, Iban, 16mm, 25 min

1978      Pishta, 35mm, 12 min