Kloser Contemporary Art is an emerging art gallery representing international artists. Our program highlights the global artistic dialogue, transcending generational movements, artistic expressions, and geographical borders. By exhibiting artworks that carry a universal message through their unique visual forms, we aim to bring collectors closer to artists.


Parallel to its local gallery program, Kloser Contemporary Art hosts and co-hosts solo and group shows in European and American cities, and continuously engages international art networks to promote the artists it represents. The gallery puts a special focus on engaging its art network through private studio visits, art walks, and comprehensive and tailored news flow. 


Founded in 2018 by art collector Klaus Pas, Kloser Contemporary Art launched a special focus project called BLAACKBOX in 2021. BLAACKBOX started out of Belgium with curated exhibitions of works by afro-descendant artists and has since collaborated with galleries and art spaces in Switzerland, France, and the USA. BLAACKBOX's advisory board enjoys extensive ties with artists from almost all countries of the African continent.

27 Esprit et Nature 2 LR
08 - Kongo Room, collage van houtsnede en monotype op doek, 2014
Kemkeng Possession de la Grand-Place Very FINAL
Bayunga 17_Makambo (2020) 209x188
Bodo - Le pouvoir de l'Artiste (2019) FINAL
Bandoma - Oeuvre et Objets (2018) FINAL
02 - Las marcas de la noche. 2018. Tinta, hilo sobre cartuina. 75x105
Ronke Shonde LR REAL
N'dolé (Mon Amour)
Se faire mousser 005
Kiro Urdin_Regenesis_2021_200x150
01 Le Moqueur 1
Even Greater Expectations
05 - ALI LAGROUNI - Root - Oil on Canvas - 80 x 60cm - 2001
KiroUrdin_DogonPrincess_2023_160x120cm FINAL
06 - Arny Schmit - Under the Volcano
06 - Las marcas de la noche. 2018. Tinta, hilo sobre cartuina. 75x105
Bodo - Rêve de Présidence (2019) FINAL
Etherosis studium 6 (2020) 70x60
06 Slimen El Kamel Cities Nearby 162x172cm 2019
Bandoma - Little Trump (2018) FINAL
equilibre 2
03 - Delacroix's Dream, collage van houtsnede en monotype op doek, XX
Bayuna 01
Le Parfum de l'Intime
21 Cohabitation LR
Mustelacorpus etherosis 2 (2020) 21x36
Bayunga 02_BlackHouseNo.1 (2020)160x99
Double vue
22 - Las marcas de la noche. 2018. Tinta, hilo sobre cartuina. 75x105
10 - Arny Schmit - The Blue Dress
20200612_130526 (1)
08 - ALI LAGROUNI - Supreme Protection - Oil on Canvas - 260 x 200cm -
Bayunga Kialeuka Panopticon FINAL 20.07.21
Kiro Urdin_TheDarkSideoftheMoon_2021_200x150
18 - ALI LAGROUNI - Blue Note - Oil on Canvas - 120 x 120cm - 2015
Kemkeng_Le Deuxième Palais FINAL
13 Chien Jaune
07 - Arny Schmit - White Dots
Hervé na Vero
Diarra Retable Passport Nyama FINAL
Le Moqueur 3 LR
Les deux Noyes
Mwasi Kitoko
Kemkeng_Fission Koung Gang wFINAL
The Shepherd LR
Notre Histoire derrière la Cour
Pride or Prejudice
14 - Arny Schmit - The Swing
Bayunga Kialeuka Luka FINAL
The Level
26 Esprit et Nature 1 LR
Koko Bilele (99x79cm)
Valerius's Mid-Summer Night Walk
Le Film de nos Emotions
Pure Intentions
Birds collage van houtsnede en monotype op doek 2018
04 Red Man
Bayunga Kialeuka_Irma FINAL
01 - Arny Schmit - Into the Light 1
07 - ALI LAGROUNI - Depth - Oil on Canvas - 80 x 59cm - 2005
Venus in Ferns
11 - Arny Schmit - The Shore
03 Slimen El Kamel Sisterhood 160x195cm 2016
Papa Nsimba